Demo 2015

by In Words

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released October 1, 2015

recorded by: Benny at Palm Reader in Wilmington NC



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inwords Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: This week i celebrate the 11th anniversary of my 19th birthday
You can't miss something if you never gave it up
The dream only died because you let it
It's never too late to sit on a curb
I don't want
Yours adult scenario
But I guess sometimes
We all do.
Track Name: I gave her trust and she returned it for drugs
its too late to take the words back
but i wouldn't bother even if i could
as much as i believe things could have been different
the path was set in stone
i still think daily how its probably my fault
i lost because i cared the most
i heard your lies from the top of my pedestal
i had to let you go

i wanted to keep you safe
but that wasn't my job
i hoped youd stay away
but that was where you belonged

poison wrapped in gold
lying to yourself but you don't lie to me?
i was a product of your environment
i hope you never hit rock bottom
because i wont be there waiting for you
actually ill see you when you get here
Track Name: This one is a cover
don't forget to come back
i'll always be here
right where you left me
take / take / take / fuck off
here's some advice
don't piss in the wind
or bite the hand that feeds you
take / take / take
you stabbed me in the face
Track Name: It's not like I asked to be born or anything
Stop pressing fast forward
You're gonna break the buttons off
I'm trying to be ok with the fact that everything is alright
But being alright never seems to be enough
The silver lining is at least I'm consistent.
Ruining today with tomorrow's fears
I can't relax when I know how it ends
Track Name: I survived the swamp of sadness and all i got was this lousy tshirt
some people are just not meant for this world
if no one else cares why should I
its not selfish im doing you a favor
we expired the day we were born
there is more to life than what turns to dust
we all rot together
shed me from this failure